Battery-Powered Wheelbarrows will drastically reduce your labor cost for indoor and outdoor projects. Whether you are pouring fresh concrete, carrying feed to your cattle or just working around the house, these units can handle all of the heavy loads.


Our available attachments expand the jobs your electric wheelbarrow can tackle on each job site.

Wood Carrying Platform
Rotary Sweeper
Transport Box
Water Tank
Feed Wagon

Ideal Uses:

  • Commercial and construction contractors
  • Concrete demolition, base prep and pours
  • Masonry block and brick work
  • Landscaping rock, retaining wall and pavers
  • Sod and soil work
  • Industrial material hauling
  • Factory floor material or scrap hauling

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"It looks small but its a real tanker. That thing will climb anything when it's full."
~ Duke Long, President, Interstate Sawing

Electric wheelbarrows are more efficient and environmentally friendly than gas wheelbarrows while being lighter and requiring less maintenance and repairs.

A powered wheelbarrow can carry up to 3x the load than a traditional one and reduce the risk of injuries while being able to pass to through areas where traditional wheelbarrows can't fit

PowerPac electric wheelbarrows accessories make it a versatile tool that is a beter choice in just about any situation

PowerPac wheelbarrows are maneuverable in various types of terrain.

Additional Attachments

  • Snow Plow
  • Snow Chains
  • Seat w/spring board and foot service break